Promoting wellness & longevity through personalized, convenient services.

Specializing in Wellness designed for aging adults

By offering simple solutions to optimize or maintain your peak performance as you begin your aging journey.

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Balance & Fitness Classes

  • Participate in group classes to improve balance, flexibility and strength to keep you feeling strong and confident on your feet. Build a sense of community, belonging, and acceptance in classes led by physical therapists who specialize in geriatric care.
  • Classes are designed to train your body to complete common, everyday tasks safely and independently.
  • Each class consists of low impact warm-up activities focused on improving flexibility and strength and balance strategies.

Stay Sports Ready

  • Determine what obstacles are preventing you from
    performing at your best.
  • Address any physical limitations that may be affecting
    your game.
  • Remain competitive and reduce the risk of injury
    during the season.

Personal Wellness

    • Take control of your treatment with customizable
      Personal Wellness Sessions
    • Target a specific pain point in your body with Focused Body Work.
    • Pursue your fitness goals wherever you are with a Home Equipment Package.
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