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Ally Wellness

Traditional healthcare makes it hard for people to reach their health goals due to endless paperwork, doctors’ visits, out-of-pocket expenses, transportation difficulties, and lack of communication. Founder Emily Stanton created Ally Wellness to provide personalized healthcare and a sense of community to older patients.

By offering both concierge-style appointments and group health classes, Ally Wellness allows clients to receive personalized care and a detailed plan to efficiently achieve their health and fitness goals.

A Note from

Emily Stanton

(Founder & Geriatric Specialist)

I am deeply passionate about equipping aging adults to avoid the unnecessary perils of aging. My goal is to help people adjust to the aging process successfully, independently, and safely in their homes. I also educate caregivers on how to make that happen for their loved ones.

In addition to earning my master’s degree in physical therapy, I became a board-certified geriatric specialist in 2019. I’ve worked in various healthcare settings including hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, home healthcare, and outpatient clinics. My specialties include working with the following:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Joint replacements
  • Chronic pain
  • COPD
  • Diabetes-induced complications
  • Fall risk assessment & post-fall recovery
  • Rehabilitation after strokes, heart attacks, and other chronic medical issues

Throughout my years in the healthcare field, I discovered how many patients’ voices go unheard and how many personal and family goals go unmet. This makes both patients and their families feel lost, alone, and deprived of the care they need. I founded Ally Wellness to give aging people another option. An option where I listen to them, educate them and their families, and provide a clear path forward to health and independence.


Patricia “Patty” Lord

(Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant)

Patty is a licensed physical therapist assistant and a Springfield, Ohio native. She has 25 years of experience; she started out at Mercy Hospital and worked in various settings, focusing on physical therapy needs for all ages. As a specialist in therapy for the geriatric population, she focuses on the following case types:

  • Orthopedic
  • Neurological
  • Amputee/prosthetic
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Fall prevention
  • Home modifications
  • Overall wellness practices, including Tai Chi

She is passionate about helping patients improve their balance and quality of life as they age in place. When not working, Patty enjoys the arts, travelling, dining out with friends, and camping with her family.


Lisa Vassar

Lisa has been a health care professional for over 40 years. She has practiced healthcare as a nurse, a massage therapist and most recently as an assisted stretch therapist. Knowing that movement and mobility are vital to overall physical and mental health, she encourages others to embrace stretching as a means to that end.  She is eager to help clients increase their range of motion and enjoy a life free of restriction and pain.

Ally Wellness


Our Purpose

To improve the health, mobility, and lives of the clients we serve without industry influence.


To enrich the lives of our clients through education, hands on care, fitness and balance programs. We help people understand what happens as the body ages then together we develop health improvement strategies for greater quality of life. We hope to inspire anyone who wants to take a more active role to restore and promote independence, improve function and wellbeing.


To empower people to take control of their aging adventure, remain resilient and independent by proving them with the knowledge, resources and support needed to thrive.

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