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At Ally Wellness, we have a strong commitment to transparency, and offer a wide array of personalized programs tailored to suit the specific needs of each client. From personal wellness and focused body work to group classes, Ally Wellness aims to promote a fulfilling and active lifestyle during the golden years. Our pricing structure is thoughtfully designed to be transparent, ensuring accessibility and peace of mind for those seeking to prioritize their overall wellness and independence.

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Balance and Fitness classes are at three different times a week. They last approximately 1 hour and are $10 each.

Monday and Wednesday:
Tuesday and Thursday:

Assisted Stretch Therapy

Introducing Assisted Stretch Therapy. Assisted stretch therapy sessions are 30 minute sessions designed to be done in comfortable clothing while a licensed professional guides you through a series of stretches. The stretches target one or more areas of discomfort, stiffness or lack of motion to improve overall flexibility and mobility.

New Pricing for AST sessions as follows:

1) Individual sessions. $35

2) 4 sessions $125

3) 8 sessions $245

Personal Wellness Sessions

Personal wellness sessions are one-on-one appointments that allow you to customize your program. Your first session includes an initial assessment of balance, strength, flexibility, mobility, and pain points. You’ll also receive a home program and individual instruction. The goal is to tailor each session to your body’s needs and give you control over your treatment.

Individual Session Pricing

Initial assessment session: $95

Follow-up appointments:

  • $40 per 30-minute session
  • $70 per 1-hour session
Package Deal Pricing

30-minute session package – 1 initial assessment + 3 half-hour sessions:

  • First package price: $200
  • Subsequent package price: $140

1-hour session package – 1 initial assessment + 3 full-hour sessions:

  • First package price: $290
  • Subsequent packages: $260

NOTE: 60-minute appointments can be split into 30 minutes of massage and 30 minutes of personal coaching.

Group Classes

Balance and Fitness Classes

Our balance and fitness classes feature a combination of balance centered activities, simple stretches, and breathing exercises. Each class is 50-55 minutes long and includes a warm-up, strength exercises, balance exercises, stretches, and cool-down breathwork. Our goal is to foster a sense of community while encouraging each other to reach our fitness goals.

$10 per class

Fall Prevention & Recovery Class

Our fall and recovery class includes 2 hours of instruction, an assessment to determine whether you’re a fall risk, training on how to safely get up from a fall, and a personalized take-home program to help improve your balance. The goal is to teach you how to minimize the side effects of a bad fall, prevent avoidable falls, and increase your independence.

$60 per class

Focused Body Work

Focused body work is a deep-tissue massage that targets one specific area. For example, if you have chronic shoulder pain, or if you pull a muscle in your back while playing with your grandchildren, you can schedule a session of focused body work to support your recovery. You can also customize your session by adding assisted stretching, massages with CBD or essential oils, or a home program to make the massage’s effects last longer. The goal of this treatment is to restore motion, reduce discomfort, and promote healthy movement.

  • Base price: $75 per 1-hour session
  • Session add-ons:
    • Massage with CBD or essential oils: $7.
    • Personalized home program to make the massage’s effects last longer: $25.

$75 per hour

Home Equipment Package

One of the best ways you can maintain your health and pursue your fitness goals is by doing stretches and exercises at home. That’s why Ally Wellness offers the home equipment package. The package includes a 2-inch thick mat, stretch strap, and weight bar. The goal is to give you the tools you need to prolong the positive effects of your treatment.

Price: $85

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